How to fix the Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death With Towels.

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If you are an Xbox 360 owner (like me and thousands of others across the world), you may have heard the term "Ring Of Death" or "3 Red Lights". Well the picture in the centeris an example of the "3 Red Lights"

The Red lights is basically microsofts way of showing you an error on your xbox 360 and depends how many lights are being shown depends on what your fault is.
The Most common fault is the 3 Red Lights, which to be honest is an unkown fault - but most people guess its an internal hardware failure or the connections, wiring and solder haven't been done correctly inside the machine.
So far ive heard of 3 Solutions to this problem and they are:
1) Take it back to the shop and get it exchanged (if under warrenty)
2) Send it to microsoft for it to be repaired (if under warrenty, if not it costs about £80 / $140)
3) Take the machine apart and use a heatgun on the machine for 2 minutes.
However i have come across another solution, and yes it does indeed work. My xbox 360 (at the moment) is currently working fine (and its my 3rd xbox 360 incase your woundering), but this time its my older brother thats having the problem (first problem he has had in over a year!). The problem was the 3 red lights.
Instead of sending it to microsoft (and paying money) he gave it to me, mainly to sell on ebay for spares, however i came across a "amusing" method for fixing your 360. Basically you get a dry towel and let it on the floor, then you place the xbox 360 on top of the towel, you would then turn the xbox 360 on, once its on wrap the towel around the 360, it doesn't have to be tight, it just has to be covering every hole so hardly any air can get it. Leave it for around 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes , the first thing you will notice is that the 360's cooler fan is buzzing really hot, next you will notice is that the back of the xbox 360 is rather hot, so take the towel off and leave the 360 on for about another 30 seconds, then switch it off, leave it for 30 more seconds and switch it back on. Hopefully it should return to main xbox dashboard and should be fine.
I tried this, this afternoon and my brothers xbox 360 is working fine - sounds strange but it actually works, Just don't leave the towel on too long or you might burn the towel or mess up your xbox.
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