How to get FREE Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 Games! The Truth...

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Hi again, it is your local blabbermouth back to pee over sellers great ideas again. SO, searching for games/dvds/cds? See a similar heading to "get games for FREE"? Wonder, how they do it? Wonder just what they are selling? Well, in basic terms, this is it:

There are websites (eg. Rewards1) that literally 'Reward' you for filling out registration forms, giving personal details and sometimes making a purchase. These companies then give a cut of their profits to the reward websites, then you get a tiny cut from them in the form of 'Points'. These 'points' can then be exchanged for video games or stuff of both amazon and eBay.

This system (in my opinion) is a little, untrustworthy.... Depending on how much you want to be spammed (which you will, the reward websites even admit it) the points increase. It looks great, an XBOX 360 for "5000" points? WOW! Well, the forms I got asked to fill in asked for my Name, address, email address, phone number, password to create an acount and others even asked for credit details to 'subscribe free for a month then just cancel' the subscription. That particular amount of details would earn me 80 points..... 80. So, let me do the maths, 5000 points for an XBOX would mean entering my personal details over 60 times and that was a high paying point earner. You don't have to enter card details for certain ones, but they reward between 5-8 points.

To be honest, I would rather search for ever on eBay and just buy the games second hand. You don't know who has got your details, as most of the companies are ones you have never heard of.

I joined then quickly cancelled my account. If all this sounds good to you though, set up an extra email address for your spamming to be contained as there's a load of it........YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Like my other Guides, all of this information is availble for FREE on the internet. Accounts are FREE and the reason they are selling this, is because every click they get via selling their special unique link to the page, they earn points off you and then earn a cut from your points when you register. Go to Rewards1 .com and see what I mean. I could have sold this info to you and you could have earned me hundeds of points without me filling out one form and you giving your details away endless times.


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