How to get Regular Sales from Used Clothing

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Women Fashion Finds - ebay shop

If you enjoy fashion, as I do, you may have developed a habit of looking for quality bargains while attempting to stay trendy and discover what clothes best suit you. 
The skills developed from this hobby go a long way to understanding how to best present attractive clothing items to sell on Ebay.
You will get a feel for it over time.  You can look at the latest fashions on various sites such as Vogue or Netaporter to see what the trends are and buy similar items when you spot them at the lowest price you have found.
Anything you want to sell must be thoroughly checked over to ensure there are no defects that you have missed - and if you find any you can still list the items as long as you make sure the defect is clearly described to potential buyers.
While items are more likely to sell on auction - and sometimes will bring much higher prices than when they are on a fixed listing - the advantage with fixed listings is that you can consider the likely auction price and get a higher level of sales by pricing it a bit lower, choosing the minimum that you would be contented with if sold on auction.
Most buyers like to buy right away rather than bid as they often do not have the time or the inclination to wait.  Others really enjoy the auction experience. 
My research suggests that it is not terribly important to become a "Top rated Seller" although that is just from researching other sellers' opinions.  Buyers will normally look for a generally reliable seller with good feedback and the right price.  Top service is essential.
It is necessary to have a lot of space for your stock if selling clothes and you will probably end up having to have up to 1000 items for sale if you are aiming for anything more than £10 a day profit for your efforts.  That is my experience in the two years I have been selling with any determination.  I certainly end up working for less than the minimum wage, but it's a great hobby and I find a lot of nice items for myself and my family.
This is no way to get rich, but many like to try it and my experience may give you an indication of how much profit is in it.   Some other benefit than profit is necessary - such as the opportunity to experiment with your own wardrobe and the enjoyment of shopping for clothes.  If you like that then why not have a go?

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