How to get a Free PS3, xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii

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Why should you waste your money on buying one of the big 3 consoles when you can get them for completely FREE. Some people say if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is too good to be true however not in this case. This is an actual way to get a free gaming console. It has been proved by the bbc.

All you need to do to be eligdable for the free gaming console is have an email address. You then  go to the website (which i cannot state because of eBay regulations; but i will give it to you later) enter your email address submit a few personal details, like name and address etc, then you must complete one offer.

I recommend that you do the LOVEFiLM offer as you do not have to pay anything. what happens is you sign up to the 2 week free offer and after about 5 days when the first dvd comes you cancel it, you then send it back to the same address in the prepaid envelope. You will then be credited with completing the offer and now all you need to do is get referrals.

When you sign in to the website you get your own referral link. when one person clicks this link it counts as one referral. You need 8 refferals for a Nintendo Wii, 10 for a Xbox 360 and 13 for a PS3. You can get these referrals by creating an eBay page and leaving your link there or you could leave it in any forums you are a part of. You could email it to your contacts and get them to click on it.

When you have got the required amount of referrals your new gaming console will be shipped to the address you entered at the very start of the process. If you go to google and type in next gen giveaway and click on the first link you have the site. All you have to do is click whcih console you would like and do what i have told you to do in this guide.

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Scott Fraser, eGamedirect

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