How to get a Macbook Air - eBook

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How to get yourself a Macbook Air for FREE!

Step One: Visit:

Under where it says "Popular items" you should see a Macbook Air. Click on it. Then a box should pop up giving you a description, click "Add to Basket"

Now, it will add it to your basket. On the right, where it asks for your email, type in your email and click on go. Then fill out the form.

Step Two: Now you're signed up, login! And Complete an offer !!

You should now be at the "Offers" page. You must complete one of these sponsored offers. There are many free trials, and ones that cost as little as £5 or $5 ! If you live in the UK, I recommend signing up to the Lovefilm Free Trial, or Coral. For those of you from the US sign up to whichever one you want!

*You must complete your offer first, or you will not get your free Macbook Air*

Step Three: Refer friends, family or anyone!

You must get people to sign up using your unique referral link which you can find on the "Refer" page while your signed in to the freebie site.

Get people to use that link to sign up and complete an offer. You will only have to get 50 referrals!

Step 4: There is no step 4!!! You're done!!! :D if you've completed your offer and got your referrals, you should see an "Order" button on the "My Status" page while your logged in! Once you do so, the site will take care of the rest, so expect a Macbook Air coming your way very soon!

Congrats to all who get their Macbook Airs!

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