How to get a Nintendo Wii for FREE

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I didnt believe these sites worked but decided to try and a month later a brand new PS3 arrived at my door. Other consoles and MP3 players have followed and still keep coming, and all totally free.

Wanna know how it's done? Read on, you have nothing to lose. Why buy when you can get for free?

Basically, copy and paste into your browser (dont forget to add the www bit) and decide which gift you fancy (don't forget to bookmark the page for later reference).

Sign up to do ONE offer, there is a free DVD rental offer or sign up for one of the betting offers and place £5 on a dead cert. When your dead cert wins, you will have got your money back plus a few pounds extra.

Get a few mates or family to do an offer and the more people you get, the better gift you get. e.g get 5 people to sign up and you can have a DS Lite, get 10 and you have a Wii. Many more gifts to choose from including ipods, consoles and TVs.

Believe me, it's just as easy as it sounds, have a look, whats to lose? Want more info? Just message me if you wanna know how to get people to sign up.


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