How to get a Police report for Paypal

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If you purchase an item on Ebay and find that it is "Not As Described." Your first action should be to open a dispute and follow up with a Paypal claim. After making a claim, Paypal Uk may send you an email, asking for you to fax them a Police report. They will normally give you 10 days to do this. Paypal only do this, to make a claim harder, but you can get this done over the phone and by post. However, there is a fee of £10.. Firstly phone your local Police station and file a Police report over the phone. Remember to list all the details of the item and what went wrong. The Police will give you an Incident number.. Now, this would be good-enough for most other companys, but not Paypal. You then need to phone your local Police station again and ask for their data protection office. Ask them to send you a Subject Access form by post and politely explain that you need this asap. You can also download the form, via their website.. Then return the form with the 10 pounds fee. Include the Incident number and as the victim request a copy of the Incident log and the Police report.. State that this is time sensitive... You should recieve the Police report within seven days. Fax it to Paypal... Remember, if your Paypal purchase was from a debit or creditcard and you loose your Paypal claim. You can still issue a dispute with your creditcard against Paypal... As I have recieved a number of questions regarding my guide, here is an update.. When you first telephone the Police to file a report. Do not take No for an answer, as 40% of Police officers, will not have come across this request before. Any problems with transactions made via Paypal, would be viewed as a Civil mater. However the Police have a duty to record your complaint. The WPC that I spoke to was very helpfull and had taken similar complaints before. This is the reason I advise to file the Police Report over the telephone and not in person.. Remember to list the ebay item number and reason for the claim; You recieved a house-brick in a box, instead of an ipod ect. The Police will give you an Incident number. If you do not wish to follow my previous guide and pay £10 to get a copy of the Police Report. You could try taking your Incident Number to your local Police station (take identification). Find a helpfull officer and ask them to look-up the complaint and copy the details down onto a headed compliment slip or paper, with their id number and name included. You just need to show Paypal something in writing, proving that you have reported the matter to the Police.. In the event of you losing the claim and you believe you are in the right, Appeal. Do not give up! I have heard storys of Paypal accepting letters from another source after they have denyed a claim and the buyer appealed.
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