How to get a free Playstation 3

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To get yourself a free Playstation 3 you will only have to do the following 4 easy steps: 1) Register for your free Playstation 3 at one of the sites linked to To find the website offering a free Playstation 3 go to the website below. When prompted, enter your email address, then just follow the instructions to register your details. 2) Complete ONE online offer The next step is to complete just one online offer. Advertisers pay commission for this and that enables the referral site to fund the cost of your free Playstation 3. LOVEFiLM's dvd rental trial is what I recommend as it is free for 14 days and you can get free dvd and game rentals! If you enjoy the service, I would recommend you continue with it, as it doesn't cost much. If you are not satisfied with the service, then you can cancel it. 3) Refer some friends If you want your free Playstation 3, you need to ask just a few of your friends to participate as well! Give them your referral link - available in the refer friends once you register and log-in - and tell them about this site! 4) Receive! All that's then left for you to do is answer the door when the delivery man arrives with your free Playstation 3! Basic rules to remember Don't break these rules! This is the only reason that you won't get your free gift, so make sure you follow them!! - One account per household - don't use a public computer to sign up! - Use real information - this is a proven legitimate site and they will not give out your information. - Only complete each offer once! You cannot complete the same offer again, even for different freebies. - Don't try to cheat the system. This site has been proven legitimate, and they will catch you if you try to cheat. If you do everything legitimately, by following this guide, you will get a free gift! That is all - just follow my guide and you will have your free gift in no time!!
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