How to get a free games console

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The following is a guide on how to get yourself a free games console (a PS3 or Wii or Xbox 360 Elite) with minimal effort. It is complete legitamite.

Enjoy the ebook.

Step 1. Sign up for a free game console

Sign up a the link below to get your free games console

Make sure you use a real email address. Use your real details when you sign up so that the company know where to send your console (there are options in the details page to opt out of communications)! Remember that they have been proven legitimate, so will send you your free console if you do everything legitmately.

Step 2. Complete registration for the offer

All you need to do in this tep is complete one of the offers,  this where the freebie offer site make their money. If you complete an offer then the freebie site will receive commisiion for it. So if you complete Coral, which will only cost you a £5 to complete, the freebie site get £25 from Coral. The two best offers are Lovefilm Free DVD rental (rent two DVD's, keep them for about 2 days, send them back and then cancel the trial) and Coral (net £5 on a sport (I managed to win £35 on greyhounds as well just by following the tips on site!)). I would recommend you do Coral as it credits in an hour and is really simple to do. You can also try one of the other offers, most are gambling offers. Don't skip this tep! you must complete this step to get your free console.

Step 3. Refer some friends

This part is a lot easier than it seems, especically now with free gift sites getting so poplay. There's lots of poeple online who want a free console too, so start referrin them! You only need to get  a few signups before you'll be finished. You can ask your friends, user facebook or bebo or an online forum.

Basic ruls

Don't break these ruls, as they will be the only reason you won't get your console.

1. One account per household

2. Use real informaition

3. Only complete each offer once

4. Don't try to cheat the system

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