How to get a seat on London Underground!!!!

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Ever use the tube during rush hour and wonder how to get a seat? This guide contains a few tips that I have used over the years.They don't always work, but mostly do! Most of the tips are simple, but its amazing how many people don't use them!

  • One tip that works for me is to move down inside the carriage in between the seats. This may seem like more of a hassle, but the advantage is that when people in the middle seats leave, you have a seat!! This is most useful if you are going on a journey with more than a couple of stops.
  • Another tip is to walk down the platform away from the entrance, the carriages at the front and back of the train are usually less crowded.
  • If the train is crowded and there is a train coming just behind, wait and see if the one behind is less busy, which it often is.  
  • If you can avoid travelling in rush hour.
  • Change at a station that is less busy - for example, when I need to get to Highbury and Islington from Acton Town, I started off changing at Green Park, but experimented a bit and now stay on the picadilly line until I get to Finsbury Park and go back one stop on the Victoria line.
  • Sit in the middle of the carriages - not the end seat, which lessens the chances of you having to get up someone else a seat!! (mean as I am, if I am going a long way, I do like to have a seat!!)

Anyway - I will add tips if and when I think of any I will add them!

Try them and see!

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