How to get an item at lower price on eBay

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Here are some tips to get an item on eBay at its lowest price as possibe:

1) Find the market price of the item :

    a) Search the price at the highstreet stores (search on their website or some price comparison website might help).

    b) Always search for the completed listing on eBay first.

2) Decide the maximum price you are willing to pay.

3) Do the search by entering the keywords of the item not by its category. Some seller wrongly entered the category, resulting in low exposure of their item, hence decreasing the number of competitors bidding on the item.

4) Search the 'buy it now' first and sort it by clicking 'lowest Price+P&P'. Some seller put a low 'Buy it Now' price because they need a quick cash, selling unwanted gift or simply don't have any idea about the market price. Quite often that the 'buy it now' price is lower than the final price of the auction style listing. 

5) Search for the shop inventory as well, sometimes they offer a lower price.

6) Consider the total amount you have to pay (item price+P&P),  some seller put a low price but charge you an enormous P&P cost.

7) Always check the feedback of the seller and complete the transaction through eBay checkout & Paypal for your peace of mind.

8) If you are fancy doing the auction style bidding, always watch the item on your 'My eBay' page first and be a sniper by bidding for the item at the last 15-20 seconds. My best records in winning the auction style listing was 2 seconds before the auction ended (This needs practice and depends on the speed of your computer and internet connection). Don't forget, be discipline with the maximum price you are willing to pay for that item because sometimes we become irritated when we've been outbid and put a higher bid value emotionally..


Goodluck and happy bidding. 

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