How to get away with paying Ebay NOTHING!

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How annoying is it to do the decent thing, bid early, and then find the seller has removed the item for 'some reason' or another in the last hour or so. I guess they then don't pay the final commission?

How annoying that when you win something, it's suddenly no longer available. I have had 'my Wife gave it away without my knowledge' or 'now can't find it' or 'must have got lost in the post, I'll give you a full refund' (normally when you've got a real bargain and they don't want to sell it that cheap!) or a list of other spurious reasons. Incidentally, the one where his wife gave it away was furniture won for a couple of quid. I emailed a 'same day' winner from this seller. She confirmed my win was in his store room still when she collected her table(!)

One seller, who is has an antique/junk shop, advertises everything at a 99p start and no reserve, openly stated that he removes anything that doesn't reach a 'reasonable' figure. I bid on a Buffalo Bill belt and asked for provenance, and he mentioned the withdrawal  process. I bid and watched from the early bidding to have the rug pulled from under me with no explanation. But I already knew.

Here's another. 'I reserve the right to remove this item as it is advertised elsewhere' (Estate agents charge double if you do this with your house!) 

Now when we, the buyer, are constantly harrassed/warned/reminded by eBay that our bid is binding, why no clout on these fraudsters to eBay?

Here's a great idea. No idea whether anything you have is worth selling? Put it on for a penny (pay a few pence to submit it) watch the bidding, take it off in the last hour and advertise it elsewhere that has no commission charges! Outrageous!

I'm not even going down that road of last second bidding, eBay will say we should put a big bid in anyway, but we are sometimes given a false security when no one is bidding for someone/computer to bid in the last 5 seconds. What have we become? A Nation of snatchers getting something at any cost.

Incidentally, when Yahoo! had auctions (didn't eBay buy them out?) their auctions auto extended by 15 minutes if a bid was put in the last minute.

What do I do? Put in my biggest bid early, and live with it if a snatcher comes along! Mind you sometimes an early bid puts everyone off bidding and I've had loads of little bargains this way. I conduct everything with decency and would be devastated if someone gave me neg (heaven forbid!)

eBay is what it is. A medium for exchange. I believe it has a  responsibility to ensure moral codes are adhered to as well as legal. It has a long way to go.  

Thank you though to all those really nice folks I've met picking things up. There just having fun like myself.

George in Lincolnshire

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