How to get best out of your Henna Cone

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Henna Cone Instructions

Wash the Skin

Determine the area on which you are going to place the henna. Wash the skin and dry it thoroughly so that the henna sticks to the skin properly.


Roll the cone between your palms for a few seconds. Apply some pressure with your thumb to the cone, and you will dispense the henna through the bottom. If it doesn't come out initially, cut the bottom of the cone slightly so there is a larger gap for it to escape.

Create the Design

Draw your design onto the skin. Then, allow it to dry. You need to ensure the henna doesn't look wet or oily. This is one of the most important henna tattoo instructions.

Spray Gel

When the design has dried, you should spray it with a light coat of spray gel. This is usually used to style hair, and will keep the design looking great. Use a hairdryer to ensure that it dries fully.

Ayurvedic Tip

The warmer the body temperature, the faster the henna will stain. If you are cold, try drinking something hot before you start. Gently steaming the area while the paste is on also helps. It is believed that gently heating dry cloves on a Tawa/Frying pan and using that aromatic smoke for your hennaed hands (after you have washed out the paste) gives excellent results.

Wrap Overnight

Wrap up the design for at least 12 hours, or overnight. Then, when you unwrap up, provide a layer of lip balm or olive oil. Take off any excess henna and it should be complete. This is the final henna tattoo instruction.

HYPER SENSITIVITY TEST: Pre-mix a small quantity of the powder or if its Henna Cone just - about 5gms - and apply the paste to the inside of your arm or ears. You can tie an old piece of material (cotton or muslin), or some plastic wrap like cling film, around the arm to keep the paste in place. Generally, Cassia will not stain the skin but if it does stain it will be light yellow/light orange and it should wash off or fade within 24 hours. In case of Henna & Indigo/Henna Cone paste the stain may take a few days to fade completely. Wash off a couple of hours later and wait 48 hours. If you experience no irritation in that time then it's reasonably safe to assume you can use it without any problem.

Good hair/skin care starts with awareness. These hair care tips, if followed consistently, will reduce excess fallout, hair loss, and promote new hair growth.

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