How to get free pictures on your listings

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How to get free pictures on your listings

By SteveHills64

In this guide I will teach you how to save money by getting free pictures in all of your listings. The best bit of all is that its really simple.

Image Hosting

Before you start to put pictures on your listings you will need to sign up to a site where you can host your images. You may want to use one of the following:

  • PhotoBucket
  • ImageShack
Once you have signed up to one of these you can then upload the images you want onto their site.

Images onto your Listing

Now that you have uploaded your images onto an image host you are now able to get you pictures onto your listings. Complete the 'Sell Your Item' form as usual but it is at the item description that you enter the pictures. To do this you must find the URL of your image. Once you have found this make sure that you are entering your description in HTML view. If you are not there is a tab just above it where you can switch. 

Where you want your picture type in the following: <img src="THEURLFORYOURPICTURE"> This will make your picture appear when you preview it. If you would like to change the size of it I suggest you type: height="HEIGHTHERE" after the URL part leaving a space in between them. If you have done this correct then your picture will appear a different size. Make sure that you have the URL in these: "". Once you have got your picture to appear you can play around to get the correct size. 

example: <img src="" height="500">

On the form when it asks you to put your pictures in you do not have to put more than one in otherwise you will have to pay extra.

I hope that this guide is useful to you and enjoy the money you will be saving.

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