How to get more traffic to your eBay listings

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How to get more traffic to your ebay listings
Selling on eBay is a numbers game, the more traffic you can generate the more sales you are likely to make. So the key question is how do you get more traffic? Its the difference between 2 views a day or 50 views a day.
In this guide we are going to focus on keywords, how to find the right keywords and how to use them.

So what are keywords? 
Keywords are what people use to search for items on eBay, google and all the other search engines. Say you wanted to search for iphone headphones you would most likely type in iphone 5 headphones. Now say you sell iphone headphone, that would probably be your main keyword. You would also want weaker keywords that relate to your item to back up your main keyword. For instance a weak keyword would maybe be iphone accessories, you need 1-3 weaker keywords to back up your main keywords. You can find these keywords by using a free or paid keyword research tools. Some of the best are word stream, ubbersugest but there are many more.

Once you have found the perfect keyword you kneed to know where to place them. First you need it in your items title listing. This is so important  without keywords in your items title ebay users will never be able to find your products. Then you want to place it in your items description, now don't overuse it otherwise eBay's search engine will class it as spam. You want to use it between 4-6 times throughout your items description placing most of them at the top and bottom of the description.this goes for your main keywords and weaker keyword, you also want  the keywords to flow in your description naturally.  

Quick recap 
  1. Find the best keywords for the item your selling using free keyword tools.
  2. create your eBay listing title using your best keywords and weaker keywords.
  3. place your keywords through out your description using your main keyword no more then 4-6 times, placing the majority at the top and bottom of the listing. Also place your weaker keywords in the description no more then 4-6 times. 
There are other factors to getting more traffic, making sure you have clear quality pictures, writing ebay review and guides can also help generate traffic and social networks. But without the right keywords for your product or no keywords at all you will struggle to generate the traffic you need. They are a must!

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