How to get negative feedback??

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It`s been quite a while since I left a negative feedback here on Ebay , which shows that the system in general seems to work very well.I`m proud of my good reputation with my buyers. I have only 2 negative feedback , the first one  "because the thought the watch face looked a little too big!!" , secondly because I left some for him!!. Now the ebayer in question had bought an item from me which was pick up only due weight "digibox".he won the item then I noticed he was from London , I live in Nottinghamshire , bet your in front here with what happens next!. Yep!! you guessed it ,NOTHIN!!.

So I went through the normal route of procedure"with no replies".The guy had to be negative feedbacked in my oppinion for wasting my time and money. So I left him relevent feedback which was relatively polite explaining how odd a guy he was, to do this!!.Guess what!!. YEP!!.He negatived me saying he`d negatived me for negativing him and that the transaction had gone well!!??.I still have the item in question today.

How can we trust feedback if we dare not leave appropriate feedback , in case we get some.

So if you want negative feedback "then just leave it for someone else!!".

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