How to get olympic 50p`s for the price of only 50p

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Here`s my 3 step Guide

On how to get Olympic 50p`s for only the price of 50p

No.1. The bank (This was my dads idea and it worked)

 All you have to do is go to the bank with £10,20 or £30 ect, and ask to change up for 50p`s, then just simply sieve through the bag`s and take out the Olympic one`s.

you can then take the other 50p`s back to change up.

No.2. The shop is your best friend

All you have to do is ask at the shop`s don't feel like an idiot there`s no harm in trying, even better if you have a regular you go to as they can keep the Olympic ones back for you , just ask them as loads of these end up in till`s !!!

No.3. Honestly i am buying something

The last one is the vending machine, beware tho this doesn't work on them all, but i have found the drink machine ones are the best. simply press the drink machines buttons until you find one sold out then enter your 50p`s or £1`s hit the button that was sold out then hit the refund button,and 50p`s will fly out.The way i do it is by having a £5 worth`s of 50p`s then black maker pen one, so you no when you get this back you have gone through the machine.

Some drinks machine`s will just refund you if you hit the refund button without doing anything else....

I have found the food vending machines don't do this, but that's the only ones Ive come across..Beware you may get some funny looks of people as your been standing there a while but if your like me you don't care anyway...

The other good thing about doing it these ways is you mite come across some other rare 50p`s like i have...

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