How to get scammed out of £80

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When I spotted an ad on Ebay for an Egyptian Cotton duvet cover that retailed at £299, available for just £79.99 I thought it looked like a bargain and snapped it up.

A month later I'm left with NO new duvet cover and £84.77 out of pocket.

How could that happen? Here's my story...

When the duvet cover arrived I was desperately disappointed, Not Egyptian Cotton at all and not really very nice. I Googled the product and found it selling on other sites for just £49.99 and messaged the seller and explained that the item was not as described as it was not Egyptian Cotton. The seller was quite rude and threatening and when I said I would take the matter up with Ebay resolution, he said he would take out court action against me.

I logged the dispute with Ebay, and then with PayPal. It's worth noting that you can't open both claims, so the Ebay claim was closed and PayPal

Paypal emailed me to say it had found in my favour and would refund the money once I had returned the item.

The seller had meanwhile started sending emails to my personal email address threatening court action and demanding costs of £109.  I rang PayPal and explained that this had happened and asked for advice. I was assured that if I sent the item back, tracked, at my own expense, then the money would be refunded and the case would be over.

I paid £4.78 to end the item back by myHermes, and submitted the Tracking number to Ebay. I checked the parcel tracking website and saw my item had been delivered and signed for and thought my refund would be on the way.

Instead I got an email from PayPal saying:

The tracking information you provided was invalid, and we were unable to

confirm delivery of the item associated with this claim. As a result, the

case is now considered closed and we are unable to process a refund.

The tracking information I had supplied was all correct so I rang PayPal and was told that the seller had claimed the item I returned was not the one sent - and had signed a legal document to that effect. With that, and without even notifying me, PayPal had overturned the original ruling and found in the seller's favour and was therefore deducting the £79.99 from my account.

Not only am I £84.77 worse off - I've had a lot of hassle, been subjected to abuse and threats, and wasted a lot of time. It's been a valuable lesson and I doubt I will use Ebay or PayPal for a while. 
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