How to get the most from your ebook title

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The importance of the ebook title description

How many times do you see the same ebook on eBay?

Probably 1000s of times, it always seems to the same people who are selling and selling while others are practially just donating money to ebay in listing fees.

Are you constantly re-listing ebooks that are not selling? Well if they are not selling there are two reasons, either they are badly described (usually its this reason) or the subject / content is just not in demand.

If other people are selling the same ebook successfully then you know that you need to change your description or listing title.

Now I want you to use the advanced search function.

Put in a few words, remember only 1 or 2 words you want as broad a search as possible, describing the ebook you intend to sell, make sure you tick completed listings only, this shows items that have ended, there is no point looking at live auctions as you do not know the outcome of the sale yet.

When eBay returns the list relevant to your words, look for the items in green, these are the ones that have sold, the red ones have not sold. Now look at each one that sold, preferably the ones that sold for the highest prices, and look at their item titles.

You will see the same words over and over, these are the magic words!

Write a list of the magic common words used in the item titles, these words are the ones your going to use in your own title, dont write down words like THE, OF, A, IN, FOR etc these words are not useful in an item title, most people wont include these when they search on ebay for an item, ie. A dress, The Ebook.

You want your title to include as many search words as possible ie. the words people would input to find an item like yours.

Imagine you are not you, youre an ebayer looking to buy your item, think of the words they would put in.

Remember you only have so many characters to put in your item title so make it good, in fact make it GREAT, dont keep churning out the same old titles everyone uses for the ebooks, make your title stand out from the crowd but make sure you include the words you got from the advanced search option.

One last thing its not good to use symbols ie. & **** ~~~~, some people think its pretty, or attracts the eye, but they are using up valuable title word space and people certainly wont input **** or ~~~~~ when searching for an item so it may be pretty but probably know one will see their item anyway.

A good title, with relevant words can mean your item does not get displayed in beside the other 100s of same titled ebooks, get the title right and your ebook will be the only search item returned and therefore the only one looked at!

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