How to get the perfect brow at home! #bzzagent

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To get the perfect brow at home, you need to start of by tinting the brow, this will help define the shape of your brow. For just a slight tinge, leave the tint on for 30 secs-1min, for a darker brow, leave the dye on for longer but a maximum of 3 minutes. Use Vaseline around the brow to protect your skin for the dye, and please remember to do a patch test before you use the dye. This is the one I use

Then with a pencil, line it up against the side of your nose to the inner corner of your eye to your brow. This should be where your brow should begin. After 2/3 of your eye is where your arch should start and then from your nose to the far corner of your eye to your brow should be where it ends. 

Then with a pair of tweezers, like these
Pluck The hair from under main brow line and any stray hairs to define the shape! Remember brows are sisters not twins! So they don't have to be identical. And try not to over pluck your brows As this will lead them to be uneven.

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