How to get videos and other multimedia onto your DS!

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As i haven't got much time, i am going to keep this brief.

Basically, the DS and DS are handheld consoles like the PSP. The difference between the DS (in general) and the PSP is that the DS has no user interface that allows the storage and play of multimedia e.g. mp3s, videos and homebrew. So, this means that you need to buy software. But, the DS does not (yet) support the addition of software to it's interface. By the way, when i say DS user interface, i mean:

So far, the DS' user interface is limited to:

  • Load inserted DS cartridge
  • Load inserted GBA cartridge
  • DS Download Play
  • Picto chat
  • Settings
  • Brightness
So, there's very little for developers to work with. An example of external software needed on the DS due to lack of UI (User Interface) is the Opera Browser. It's only compatible with the DS Lite and is about £30 - £40 but it comes with a GBA and DS cartridge and these are needed to load this external software and the internet is booted, but NOT through the DS' UI!

However, you're here to see if there's a solution to ease your cravings for multimedia on the DS. I saw the oppertunity for watching LOST episodes on the Bus, or listneing to MP3s without having to buy the MP3 DS kit which is NOT cheap!

What are your options? Well there are 3 main ones:

  1. Slot 2 (GBA) multimedia software cards - slot 2 being both software and memory
  2. Slot 1 and 2 (GBA) multimedia cards - Slot 1 being software and 2 being memory
  3. Slot 1 singular multimedia cards - Slot 1 being software with space for micro SD!
It all seems complicated, but number 1 and 2 on the above list are old and outdated, and are usually bad quality and hard to use! Number 3 is where the new, easier to use and more accessible technology comes in.

I present.....

The...' M3 : DS Simply'. - It's about £25 - £30 to buy + £5 for a 1 GB micro SD. All of which can be bought on eBay. Basically, the pictured DS cartridge acts as the software runner which allows all of your multimedia stored on the micro SD (not pictured) to be easily played through it's accessible and neat UI!

So, you can watch movies and videos, listne to MP3s, play homebrew games and more, and once you get to grips with it, it's simple and easy to use. The CD that comes with it contains all of the software you need to get going. For example, if you want to put and watch a video on your M3 DS Simply, the video must be in a .DPG format. So, all you have to do is get the converter that's on the CD, drag and drop your files into it and, Hey Presto!, you've got your first DS video! The qulity is great, but you can alter it to heighten or lower the file size! The M3 pack also comes with a nifty cartridge holder, a lanyard, and a USB micro SD adaptor so you can connect your Micro SD to your computer and make it as easy as dragging and dropping files!

This method could not be easier, more fun or any more affordable. I have one, and to watch my favourite episodes or MP3s, it's as easy as booting the DS cartridge and clicking on the file!

I highly reccomend it, and if you want to get you DS multimedia friendly, i suggest you get one! And, if you want any help with yours, just contact me at '' and i'll be more than happy to give you a hand!

Thanks and all the best,


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