How to get woolen/silk ties back into perfect condition

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Whilst every care is taken to avoid ties gaining creases or any distortions to their shape it sometimes simply can't be avoided, either arising through shipping or simply through repeated use of the tie, tying the knots or storing the tie in such a way creases can form. 

Before ironing a tie the first port of call should be to hang it up overnight, if that doesn't work then hanging it in a bathroom whilst having a hot shower could help remove creases (although care should be taken due to the humid conditions and especially to avoid any water getting on the tie) and then straightening gently by hand afterwards and leaving- with high quality ties the material should relax sufficiently to allow small creases to disappear leaving the tie in fantastic condition with minimal effort.  

Another solution could be to roll up the tie around your hand and then to leave for a few hours/overnight to remove the creases from it.

If the tie is persistently creased or if you urgently need a perfect tie and can't wait for the above methods to have effect, it usually is required to iron it. Avoid ironing ties which have stains on them (it will need dry cleaning first) or using an ironing board which is stained, also never place an iron directly against the tie itself, always use a clean piece of white cotton between the iron and the tie, and beware of using to high a temperature. Woolen ties can tolerate higher temperatures than silk (around 170  degrees celsius and 140 degrees celsius respectively) and you should avoid leaving the iron stationary in one place as this could lead to over heating the tie. 

The best way to iron is to place the tie on its back (so usually labels will be facing you) with the point of the tie facing the point of the ironing board and then with the iron (on a low heat setting) and the clean piece of cotton gently iron from the edges inwards to avoid small creases, taking your time to avoid overheating the tie and introducing any more creases.  

The best way to keep ties in great condition is to take care when doing up and removing the tie,  avoiding over tightening knots and when the tie is not in use it is best to hang up on a normal hanger or on a tie rack with no knot in it.

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