How to get your cat to use a scratching post

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Heres the scenario...... youve splashed out a small fortune on a glamourous new cat scratching post... and your cat has sniffed at it in disgust and promptly walked away to use the wallpaper instead !

What can you do to encourage the little darlings to use it ?

1. The new post will smell very unfamiliar, while dogs will find the local pet shop smell wonderfully exciting, your cat will not. Try rubbing the post with some of your cats bedding or some worn clothing of your own in order to make the smell more familiar.

2. Sprinkle catnip powder or leaves on and around the post to make it more interesting. Running a bit of string up and down the post once your cat is nearby and high on 'nip' will encourage play up the post, once your cat has its claws on the sisal it tends to trigger an automatic need to scratch.

3. Move the post ! You may prefer it over in the corner near the wall unit, but your cat probably doesnt ! Cats tend to like to 'mark' their territory by scratching as they enter or exit their 'space' so I find my cats tend to prefer their posts near a doorway or at the bottom of the stairs - so they scratch to say "Im home" and again to say "Im going out again"

4. Try a different type of post.... some cats love sisal, others prefer to shred cardboard ones - some like to scratch "up" a post, others prefer to scratch laid down ... watch how your cat scratches and try and find something to match - there are plenty of mats / slopes and upright posts on the market

5. Make your cats other favourite scratching areas a no go area by removing her scent/  covering it with tin foil to make it less attractive then the scratch post

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