How to get your hands on a free PSP!! (NO JOKE,NO LIES)

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Yes i know what your thinking who in the right mind gives away free PSPS!? well its true ive found a site that does just that!! honestly! To get your free PSP (they even pay for postage and packing) - now that really is an offer you can't refuse!) this is what you will need to do

• STEP 1-- Copy and paste this address in the address line:

• STEP 2-- Enter your email address, create a password and account

• STEP 3 -- You will then be taken to an offer page - you WILL need to select an offer - there is a really good offer now on with BLOCKBUSTER, you get DVD rentals for free, during the 14 days of the free trial. Once the 14days are up just you'll be credited on as 'offer completed' They do not charge you for cancelling during there free trial There are other cool offers on there too! The choice is yours!

IMPORTANT: YOU MUST SIGN UP TO AN OFFER OF YOUR CHOICE (SOME ARE FREE) YOU MUST ACTUALLY COMPLETE THE OFFER LIGITEMITLY AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN CREDITED THERES ONLY ONE MORE STAGE- • You also need to refer just 5 people to the website using your referral ID (like Ive done now...) Then just wait for your brand new PSP to arrive!


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