How to get your iPod lookalike MP4 player to work

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This guide is for people (like me) who have bought one of the Chinese iPod lookalike MP4 players available from various sellers on eBay and who discover they can't navigate their way through the player's folder system. It appears to be a firmware problem with the players but I have found a solution

I discovered after buying one of these units was that once I got the music loaded on to the player I was not able to navigate between the CDs. As expected Windows Explorer recognised the MP4 player as a removable drive and the CDs/tracks as Folders/files. When trying to navigate between CDs the player would let me move up into the folder list but would then immediately revert back to the track I had been playing previously before I could switch folders. This is  very annoying as it meant if I had 40 CDs stored and wanted to go from listening to CD 1/track1 to CD 40/ track 12  I had to scroll through them all track by track *NOT FUN*

Since both Windows Explorer and the MP4 player recognised the folders and songs I knew there was nothing inherently wrong, I just needed top come up with a way of moving between folders on the player using the player's buttons. It took a while but I finally figured it out and have written this guide for the benefit of anyone else who finds the same problem. If you store each CD as a folder on the player you can navigate between them as follows:

Open the MP4's music player and start playing any track
Press 'Play/Pause' to stop playback
Press 'Menu' to display the local folder choices
With the open folder icon and \ highlighted press and release 'Menu' again. It takes a second or two for the folder list to open - during that time press and hold down the forward arrow *
This opens the list of folders - you can then navigate to the desired folder using the forward/back arrows
Press 'Menu' to open the folder
Press the forward arrow to move to the desired song
Press 'Menu' again to select the song and finally press the 'Play/Pause' button to listen to the song
That's it - good luck in getting yours working

* on my player it also works using the back arrow

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