How to get your postage right.

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Problems with figuring out postage for sellers

In the past, especially when I started selling, I found it difficult to calculate postage for my items. First there was what posting service should I use and then how much do I charge for the packaging.
To start I have always found that reusing jiffy bags from parcels I've received in the past, not only saves you money but is good for the environment. This is the same with bubble wrap and other protective materials. Whenever I see an odd piece here and there I will add it to my collection.
From this you don't have to add the charges from buying new jiffy bags and the lower postage, more people interested.
Now to postage. As I mentioned there are many different services that you can use and this is when the internet can be very useful for finding the best. Lots of blogs and forums discuss the best to use, but I have found Royal Mail and Hermes are very good. I normally use Royal Mail for small parcels such as DVD's, Books and CD's, while Hermes are good on service and price for larger parcels.
I have found that there has been bad reviews on Hermes, but I have used them numerous times and have never had a problem. With the added benefits of collection by courier picking up from your house or drop off at your local centre, it suits everyone.
One item I have found helps me find a quick price is a plastic scale, cost me a few £'s at a charity shop, it means I don't have to take my parcels all the way down to the post to find out how much it weighs. Then the easy to use websites, you can enter the weight and size of parcel and can get a price within a few seconds, without the long line. And with the added bonus of being able to purchase online, posting is made easy and not a hassle, making selling your items easier and less stressful.
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