How to get yourself a free apple product!

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The free apple product step by step guide:

1. Sign up and you can recieve a free iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPhone, MacBook Air or even an iMac. I will explain the steps to recieve your free gift. The only thing they require you to do is to sign up for a promotional offer which is fine.

visit the link below to sign up. It is fast, simple and easy. copy and paste it into the address bar) 

All the participating companies are well known and well established (eg. The Post Office, Coral and Lovefilm)

you can choose everything from an iPhone to a MacBook Air. All the latest products are on the link including the latest iPods.


2. Choose a promotional offer. This is where the site makes their money. You must choose a promotional offer. These are all fine - there are different things from a post office credit card to suscribing to lovefilm (a rental dvd online store). They are all reliable, well known companies.

You must complete this step to recieve your free gift! So don't miss it out!


3. Refer  some friends. This part is alot easier than it seems, you only need to get some of your friends to sign up as well. You will only need a few sign ups before you can recieve your gift. This will take no time at all especially if you have shown them how it works. You can also refer to online friends who will probably jump at  this offer.


Now if you follow these steps it will be fine - but you must make sure of the following points:

1 entry per household

You must give valid information re your email address etc.

Don't try to cheat the system - They can find cheats.

You cannot enter again even for different gifts.


But if you just follow my simple step to step instructions and just sign up onto the link above you could be browsing on your new gift in no time! Thank you

If you have any queries just contact my ebay account


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