How to give that professional look to your auctions!

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You must have wondered looking at the auction pages of those powersellers with feedback score of a few thousand, that these guys must be paying a fortune to graphic designers to design these astonishing auction pages. Most of us, who still use the 'Sell Your Item' form provided by E-bay to list our products, know that it does the job in only the most basic manner. Professional sellers apart, who use advance and sometimes paid listing softwares, a majority of us consider pepping up our auction page a  very technical and costly affair.

 Well, its not! I can share just how!

All the design bit that you see on well-designed pages happen in the 'description' area given to us by E-bay to describe our product. Now you can actually insert a whole webpage in that area. What you need is a designed webpage(HTML codes) and just copy paste it in that area.

Now you must be thinking if you knew how to design a webpage why bother reading this article. A simple webpage, and you only need a one page, can be designed fairly easy by using a variety of HTML editors. For example:

  1. Microsoft Frontpage
  2. PageBreeze HTML Editor 
  3. Or even Ebay's Turbo Lister

All these are free and tremendously easy to use. You dn't have to know HTML at all, you only design a page as if you are working in Word or Powerpoint and the software gives you the HTML codes. These codes need to be pasted in your description area of your Ebay 'Sell Your Item' Or in Turbo lister and you have a designed auction page.

Simple tip on wht you should design is that you only need a good looking colourful Header, may be a side- menu, and a footer. You can also list your Return Policy, Payment info, ABout Us info under separate headings.

IN turbo lister yo can actually save it as a template and use it over and over again just changing the specific product info, so you won't have to repeat all teh general stuff again.

If you wanna take short cut, you can find pre-designed templates for free on internet at places like:

  2. Ebay;s LIsting designer( Fee)

 Hope the guide has helped you understand the topic. Feel free to contact me anytime.



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