How to guide: Urban Outfitters Renewal Levi Denim Skirt

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As you all know, Reconstructed or DIY Levi's mini skirts are the height of fashion, but to get your hands on these in the exact shade and size you want is very difficult (on ebay) or very expensive (in online stores). The way to circumvent these problems is to DO IT YOURSELF. This guide is for MINI skirts only as they require no sewing skills (i.e. 11 inches or less at the front and upto 14 at the back)

You will need:
  • A ruler or measuring tape
  • A sharp pair of scissors
  • A pair of 501's, 515's or any pair of MENS levi's. Womens tend to have a higher crotch and it is difficult to rework if you dont have a sewing machine or are handy with a needle and thread
Estimated time:

15 minutes and 1 day for it to dry.

Difficulty level:


Step one

Measure yourself with a tape measure around where u want the skirt to sit. Be firm. But not tight. Use the inches side

If you don't have a tape measure, you can use this rough guide:


6            30
8          32
10         34
12         36
14         38
16         40

Step two. Levi's are usually manufactured in these measurements: 26, 28, 30, 32, 24, 26, 38, so pick the number that suits you best. It is usually better to round down than up but it is your own personal preference.

Step three
You now need to BUY the jeans. The best ways is to type in 'Levi'... and your (rounded down) size in inches in the 'clothes shoes and accessories' category, and then scroll through until you find the size you want. You usually want vintage Levi's as they have that authenticity to the denim and are also cheaper. You can usually grab a pair from anything from £5-10.

Step four - The hard part

You now need to choose your length. Turn the jeans inside out. Hold the jeans up on you and mark a little dot on the inside of the legs. Now measure that length with your tape measure and mark three points on the jeans.

Join this line up and cut across the front on this line with the jeans laid flat on an even surface i.e. an ironing board or desk.. If you want the back to be longer than the front, repeat the marking system for the back. If not, cut across the front and the back in one go.

Step five- the vintage look

To get that rugged frayed hem, all you need to do is pop your skir into the wash on a cool rinse cycle and VOILA! Trendy frayed hem and skirt that fits you EXACTLY as you wanted.

I hope that this saved you hours of looking for the perfect skirt. Urban Outfitters doesn't allow you to choose the tone. All of my skirts are individually photographed, unlike most sellers so you know exactly what you're getting..

And to add to it, when people ask where you bought it you can say 'i made it myself' with a very smug look.

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