How to guide for cleaning your Flavia 500 Creation drinks machine

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At UK Vending we pride ourselves in the range of delicious drinks and flavours that you can make with our Flavia 500 Creation drinks machine, but it is essential to keep the machine in tip top condition that you clean it on a regular basis.
With its sleek modern design the Flavia 500 Creation could not be easier to maintain in a clean and hygienic condition.
The first thing you’ll need to do is to switch off the power to the machine by flicking the switch at the back of the machine. Now get yourself a clean damp cloth which will be used to remove any spills inside the machine. Remember it is very important to clean the machine regularly to ensure that it continues to work properly and deliver superb tasting drinks.
The second thing you will need to do is to remove the Pack Door – pull it outwards from the casing. It should come away easily with just a little bit of gentle force. Once removed, you will have access to the interior of the Flavia 500 Creation. Gently wipe all the surfaces you can see with the damp cloth to remove any spillages.
The third item you will need to remove and cleanse is the drip tray at the bottom of the machine. As the name implies this could be in need of cleaning on a regular basis. There are two parts to the drip tray that simply click together and also pull apart easily. Once apart, clean both parts before reassembling them. Put this and the Pack Door to one side.
The final part that will need to be removed from the machine during the cleaning process is the Pack Bin where all used and discarded packs will be dropped after use. If your machine is heavily used this tray can fill up quite quickly and will need to be emptied regularly. Discard the used packs, wipe the bin with your damp cloth and then reinsert the Pack Bin into the machine, followed by the drip tray and finally the Pack Door.
 Now your Flavia 500 Creation has been cleaned and with the flick of the power switch will be ready to once again serve UKVending’s delicious and wide range of teas, coffees, chocolates and soups. 

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