How to hang wallpaper

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Wallcoverings today offer a richer selection of designs and colours than ever before, enabling you to create exactly the decor you have in mind.

If it's your first attempt at papering try using a lining paper first. Not only will it give you the perfect surface to hang your 'finished' wallpaper on it will also give you some invaluable practice.

For the novice, vinyl wallcoverings will be easier to hang, as they are more forgiving if over-soaked or over handled. Wallpaper, being slightly less durable requires a little more care but practise makes perfect! If in doubt why not call a professional decorator and get a quote, you may be surprised how reasonable it is, especially if you do the preparation!

Preparation may seem the boring bit, but prepare the job properly and the rest will be much easier and give you a much better finish.

Prior to removing any protective wrapping, and before cutting any wallpaper, make sure the rolls carry the same reference, shade, batch numbers and that they are as ordered.

Make doubly sure the rolls colour-match by unrolling a length of each and checking them against the others in good natural daylight. If you have any doubts, contact us straight away.

Have you completed all of the painting in the room? If not then get this done first.

If you want to paint or paper the ceiling then do this before you start on the walls (see ceilings)

Move the furniture out of the way to give yourself room to work.

Don't forget to put a dust sheet down to cover the floor and furniture around where you are working.


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