How to have a Safe & Happy internet shopping experiene

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Some simple rules to follow when buying here on eBay and the internet.

Please follows these rules and you will have hardly any problems when buying online.

When buying a item always do the following.

1 - Only buy from seller who has actual photo's of item on offer.

(as per all my listings)

Is the photo of the item real  (actual photo) or stock photo.

If stock photo, simply avoid and search for a seller who can be bothered to take the

time and carefully take some good clear photos of the item on offer.

2 - Check feedback, carefully.

Read all replies and to negative comments the seller might of received.

- Check their stars. See how quickly they post the item

- See how quickly they reply to people

- Make sure they accept Returns. 

(I have absolute faith in everything i sell and they all can be returned and

i am proud to say less than 0.5% ever are).

3 - If you have any questions.

Make sure to ask the seller straight away before you bid.

This ensures to avoid disappointment when your item arrives. 

If you follow  these 3 simple rules. Internet shopping will be a much happier and less stressful way of shopping.

I wish you good luck in all your purchases and i hope you heed these words of wisdom!

Best wishes pixel-perfection

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