How to hunt for good video game deals.

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Video games are the frequent items that I am searching for with eBay, unlike Amazon which shows you everything upfront, eBay is a bit mores tricky but with some good searching tips you can get some solid deals. Here are some personal tips that I live by when searching for video games.

If your not looking for any particular video game there is a very easy and cheap way to obtain one at a good deal. Search for video games, then refine it by making it auction only and time ending soonest. You will be presented by a limitless list of video game bids that end within a minute, keep refreshing the page until you find something that sparks your interest and then wait until its in the final 30 or so seconds and bid. This has gained me some very good and classic video games at the cheap, this works for both modern and retro games. But you will get mostly retro video games at less than £3 (Thats also with P&P).

My second tip, that could carry across to anything on eBay, is never bid for it until its at the very end, bidding for something early just increases the chances of it being more expensive down the line and also raising awareness of it to other buyers. 
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