How to identify Spoof emails and avoid being coned!

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I'm not an expert on spoof e-mails, but I get upto 10 a day! On alot of different email accounts

Don't ever follow a link from an e-mail that appears to be from eBay. eBay will contact you through the 'my messages' service in 'my eBay'.

The best and easiest way to tell is reading the top line.. eBay messages ALLOWS HAVE THE TOP LINE OF THE MESSAGE WITH eBay sent this message to Your name (youreBayIDhere).

Spoof e-mails usually start dear customer, dear eBay user, etc. and usually ask for personal details. They can contain links and ask you to log into your account. Don't!

The best way to avaid getting scammed, which helped me, is to get the eBay tool bar. If you were to log your eBay user details into a website that is not eBay it will tell you and give you the option to report the site.

Forward suspect spoof e-mails to eBay or PayPal.

Beware as many people have their accounts taken over and details stolen from criminals who pray upon unsuspecting eBayers.

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