How to identify Yugioh cards

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Hi, there are many different types of Yugioh cards and this guide will tell you how to identify each of them.

Firstly, there is a serial number on the bottom left of the card. This is for Yugioh games on Nintendo DS etc.

On the right, between the picture and the description, there are numbers and letters such as LOB-126

The LOB tells us that the card is from Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon and 126 tells us that it is the 126th card in the pack.

Here are the different letters:

LOB = Legend of Blue-Eyes

MRD = Metal Raiders

MRL = Magic Ruler (US)  - SRL = Spell Ruler (GB)

PSV = Pharaoh's Servant

LON = Labyrinth of Nightmare

LOD = Legacy of Darkness

PGD = Pharaonic Guardian

MFC = Magicians Force

DCR = Dark Crisis

IOC = Invasion of Chaos

AST = Ancient Sanctuary

SOD = Soul of the Duelist

RDS = Rise of Destiny

DB1 = Dark Beginning 1

FET = Flaming Eternity

DR1 = Dark Revelation 1

TLM = The Lost Millennium

DB2 = Dark Beginning 2

CRV = Cybernetic Revolution

EEN = Elemental Energy

DR2 = Dark Revelation 2

DR3 = Dark Revelation 3

SOI = Shadow of Infinity

EOJ = Enemy of Justice

POTD = Power of the Duelist

CDIP = CyberDark Impact

STON = Strike of Neos

FOTB = Force of the Breaker

TAEV = Tactical Evolution

GLAS = Gladiator's Assault

PTDN = Phantom Darkness

There are also starter decks such as:

DP1 - JADEN YUKI (Elemental Heroes)

DP2 - CHAZZ PRINCETON (Best card - Armed Dragon LV10)




I hope this guide has helped you!

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