How to identify a counterfeit dvd or blu-ray

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How to identify a counterfeit dvd.
In some case's you can not tell the difference when playing the dvd it's self as it may be a copy of the original dvd and play in the exact same way however you might think well if it plays just as clear and as good a quality picture then what is the problem?

well, the piracy industry in part funds crime, cost the uk film industry alone millions each year and the latest high street retailer to shut its door for good partly due to the increase in the piracy of dvd is Blockbuster. and is simply illegal and if you are caught knowingly owning a counterfeit dvd you yourself will be in trouble so simply use this guide to double check if you have a counterfeit dvd and if it still looks like a fake then report it to the police there is a simple online form you can fill out at (

The absence of security seals and plastic wraps should not alarm you with new or used dvds as this is normal.

Rule number 1 for buying any dvd on eBay or any private or non recognised shops is to always use a debt/credit card as this will give you protection & proof of purchase if any problems were to arise and always ensure you retain your receipt.

Identifying a DVD counterfeit.

1). the main and easiest way to check a dvd it to check the back of the disc all factory manufactured discs are produced in a silver colour and counterfeit dvds have a blue, green or gold tint colour to the back of the disc if the disc is any colour but silver it is probably a counterfeit.

Blu-ray discs
Blu-ray discs are manufactured with a light grey/silver disc colour and most counterfeits are dark grey, black or have grey data circles.

2). Hold the DVD up to the light and tilt it to one side. You may be able to see a well-known manufacturer’s name, such as Maxell on the ring in the centre of the disc. If the disc has such a name, then the DVD was a burnable disc, and the disc’s contents are counterfeit.

3).Can you see through the DVD? If you can see through it very well, it is most likely not authentic, though this is not always the case.

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