How to identify badly made cornets & trumpets

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I thought I would share this with you,pictures of a Cornet which a customer asked to trade in,unfortunately,I had to be honest and advise it was only really,a wall hanger.This had been purchased new, and was under one year of age when it became not so much of a wall hanger,but a stark reminder that these are actually made and sold as nice,wonderful,and perfect musical instruments for students and professionals. Blah.
Please only continue reading if you are genuinely interested,I have attempted to condense this-but it is not that easy.

Pic.below: At first glance this does look fairly ok,though minus the leadpipe,looks fairly straight and clean.

Remember,look at those hexagonal finger touches,some may have faux mother of pearl inserts

You can see the machining marks to the top of those finger touches,absolutely dreadful.

Well,those slides came out easily enough,however,they have started to rot and rust though!

Oh dear,Oh dear,how can I described this,it feels almost tin like,nails down a blackboard whilst retrieving the valves,the valve block is not very thick at all.Again,extremely cheap manufacturing which shall not last.

WHAT,are they? slugs have crawled into the bores,ok,they do look like valves really,but they appear quite worn-for under one year of age.

Oh my word,if you did not know,the edges of the ports should be neat and sharp,the more rounded they are,the more air weeps out where you don't wish for it,and these are certainly sharp-not only in the wrong direction so is scraping up the bore,but the liners are falling apart. Guess what,It's yours for only £79.99,£99.00,£199.00.

if I listed this as spares or repair-I wonder what the response would be?Honestly,I would see it as below me,to sell this to anyone-and be happy about it,don't waste your money,please! By the way-it get's worse! see below.

And the picture for this finale is...... Spot the gap!! That huge gap between the valve and the block.

This is never going to play.

I hope you are still with me,I have written this because it is coming up to Christmas aAnd, you know of someone whom really wishes for a musical instrument.Either,see if I have any ;-) lol! Or check out the many highly professional sellers on the web,Amazon and of course ebay...Try to buy your first instrument from a professional within your own country,it makes sense and shall save you a lot of money,heartache and of course earache! Good luck!

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