How to identify fake LV Stephen Sprouse leopard stole

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LV's Stephen Sprouse leopard stole/ scarves is such a classical and timeless piece, no wonder there is a huge demand from buyers on Ebay but it also means there is a lot of fake ones circulating around on Ebay. I bought my LV Stephen Sprouse leopard stole at the LV flagship store on Bond Street London so I compared my real one to the ones that are selling on Ebay and I gathered a few points below to help you to spot the fake ones. 

1. The stole comes with a cotton dust bag. Normally the fake ones come with a nylon like, shiny dust bag. If you can't identify it from the pictures which fabric the dust bag is made from,  you should ask the seller. 

2. The stole I bought doesn't come with a box, only a dust bag. I asked a few friends who bought their scarf from LV shops as well. They told me that their scarf didn't come with a box either, so if the seller is listing the scarf with the dust bag, box, paper bag and authenticity card... it's very likely the scarf is fake. 

3. The stole is made from 70% cashmere and 30% silk so the stole is sort of fluffy. 

I must point out that the stole is very delicate and the weaving is in a loose style. I thought the shop assistant was selling me a fake one when I first saw it so he took out several other ones from the stock room, I compared the weaving quality on each stole, they are all in a same loose weaving style. 

The fabric of the stole is very easy to get pulled. I bought the stole three weeks ago but already there is a few pulls on the stole caused by the necklace I was wearing or the zipper on my top. You really have to take extra extra care to keep it in a great condition. So if the seller is selling an already used one, it's very likely there is imperfection on the stole. 

The stole costs £460 in LV shops. Because the stole is becoming one of their classical piece, they always restock the stole. There is really no point to buy one from the buyer who's listing the stole for more than £460 if you can buy it in the shop. 

Hope my guide will help you out to identify the real LV stole from the fake ones. 
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