How to increase performance of Windows XP

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1. Keep the computer virus free, spy ware, ad-free and protected by firewalls.

 2. Keep Windows XP, up to date.

3. Get rid off any unwanted or temporary files and keep the files on your computer tidy so that they are easier to access for Windows XP.

Keep the computer virus free, spy ware, ad- free and protected by firewalls.

1. A firewall prevents hackers from gaining access to your computers and stealing personal data when you are connected to the Internet. I recommend Zone Alarm, from It is free and easy to use and is more that capable of protecting you.

2. Anti virus Software protects you from Viruses which can infect computers through email messages, chat rooms, web sites, downloaded programs, p2p file sharing and through infected floppy disks or CD's. I recommend AVG from It is free and is updated regularly.
I recommend doing a full system scan at least once a week.

3. Anti Ad ware protection. Ad ware can be spread using the same methods as viruses. Ad ware places programs on your computer that record your surfing habits, so they can target the ads you get when you visit web sites. I recommend download AD-Ware by it is free and needs to be updated immediately and a complete scan should done every two weeks.

4. You also need spy ware protection. Spy ware also spies on your surfing habits, but can steal details from you. I recommend Spybot Search & Destroy from .Check for updates immediately and run the scan straight away, then update and scan regularly. Keep your OS up to date. It is important to keep Windows up to date because it is an operating system that is easy to exploit as flaws and security issues are often found.

Windows XP must be updated regularly. You can set the XP system to update automatically by clicking on the icon in the taskbar, or you can visit Microsoft's update page manually by going to the Start menu, and clicking the Windows update link.

Get rid off any unwanted or temporary files and keep the files on your computer tidy so that they are easier to access for Windows XP. Windows XP has a utility called Disk Cleanup.

You will find it in the Start menu folder. Go to Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > System Tools. Using this will empty the main Windows/Temp folders, Recycle Bin, and the Temporary Internet Folder.

Also you can delete any programs which you no longer use by

1. Goto to Start Menu > Control Panel, and double click the Add/Remove Programs Icon.

2. In this utility you can see a list of all the programs installed on your computer. If there are any programs that you know you no longer use or need, then highlight the program, and click the Add/Remove button, then follow any other instructions that may appear.

Scanning the hard drive for errors and de-fragmenting the drive will improve the performance of your computer.

Scandisk can help you keep your hard disks in good working order. De-fragmenting is necessary as the programs and files or data stored on the
disk become fragmented over time, and XP has to work harder to load the files when needed.

The Disk Defragmenter recombines all these fragments into a more compact area, which makes retrieval faster. Before running either Scan Disk and Disk Defragmenter turn off any Screen Savers by right clicking on the desktop and going to display properties and de selecting the screen saver option, and disabling your firewall and AV programs by righting click on the icons in taskbar and selecting disable .

To load Scan disk or Disk Defragmenter double click My Computer on the Desktop, then highlight the hard disk and right click that disk and choose Properties, then Tools.
Also download tweak UI from

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