How to install your floating shelf/fireplace mantel.

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Concealed brackets – various size, best use for solid wall
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Concealed brackets – various size, best use for solid wall


Please note, all installations are different and we can only offer a general guide.  We have detailed below, as best we can, for you to install the shelves yourself.  

NOTE - Please seek professional help if you're unsure - as we cannot offer technical support; nor can we take any responsibility for any incorrect installations or damage caused during the installation process.  Refunds/returns are not available for items incorrectly installed and/or damaged during the installation process.

We do the hard work for you and based on our experiences we’ll decide what support to use for your chosen shelf size.

Each support has a different drilling requirement and each hold different weights.  Listed below are details for each support, to give you an idea of what you'll need.  For wider shelves, not holding much weight, the 14mm supports will be acceptable, but we can't guarantee tipping will not occur.  If you're unsure, please select a heavy duty supports or re-bar installation.

Keyhole fixings
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Keyhole fixings
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Keyhole fixings


Each 14mm concealed shelf support will carry around 12 - 15kg including the shelf itself. 
14mm concealed support installations are available on all shelf sizes, however for 250mm & 300mm wide shelves we recommend using a 16mm heavy duty support or a re - bar & resin installation as listed in the guides. 14mm supports are available for use with 30 - 100mm thick shelves. 
Easy installation with single drill hole required per support. Adjustable +/-2mm to all for levelling of shelf prior to fitting, comes with wall plug & washer. 
·    Shelves with 14mm concealed shelf supports will be supplied pre -drilled and with the correct amount of supports required to hold the shelf.
We can add or remove as many supports to our floating shelf as you need, but remember the more supports you add the trickier the installation becomes. 
  The oak beam shelf should be mounted onto a solid brick or concrete block work wall using the 14mm concealed shelf supports provided.
  Dot & Dab plaster board walls are fine for standard 12mm fixings but please request 'extra long supports' in the comments box when you order.
  Stud/Timber plasterboard walls are acceptable as long as the mounting is onto the timber studs and NOT the plasterboard itself, the oak beams are too heavy for plasterboard fixings. For this method you must provide the drilling positions to suit your timber stud wall so we can drill in the correct places for you, Email us after you order/checkout, or add comments into the box.
  If you select to have support fixings we will drill & provide the correct number of supports to hold the oak beam shelf safely and correctly and leaving enough shelf weight for general use. If you want to place heavy objects on the shelf such as books and records, please select the 16mm option.          

Tools Needed for the job:
 · Masonry/SDS hammer Drill
· 14mm masonry drill bit
· Spirit level & Pencil
·Tape Measure
·Masking tape
·Adjustable spanner/pipe grips

Using the masking tape, place on the wall where you want your new shelf to hang allowing a little extra. 
Using the spirit level and pencil, mark a level line across the masking tape ensuring the line is longer than you need. 
Using the tape measure, measure the centre points of the holes on the back of the shelf. Now transfer these measurements onto your marked line on the wall. 
Using the hammer drill and 14mm masonry drill bit, drill a hole at 70mm deep for each hole needed, ensuring that the drill is level and square when drilling. 
Using the plastic wall plugs provided insert into the now drilled holes and push/Hammer into the wall until flush.
6.        Using the steel support bracket provided, insert the steel washer provided on to the screw shaft and wind into the now plugged holes until tight, repeat for each support.
7.       Using the spirit level, now place this across your support brackets checking for level, if levelled, you’re ready to add the shelf. If not using the adjustable spanner, rotate one or both of the support brackets until the spirit level bubble is in the lines and level. You’re now ready to install the shelf.
8.      Offer the shelf up to the now installed and levelled support brackets and push on to    the supports as far as the knurled section (DO NOT PUSH THE SHELF FULLY ON AT THIS STAGE) now with the shelf only half way onto the supports, place the spirit level on the shelf itself and check for level. Make any final adjustments and push back fully.

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