How to keep your DSR and feedback Score high

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How to keep your DSR and feedback Score high

 I would like to share with you some expert knowledge that I have learned from the years selling on eBay

 These simple steps will ensure you manage to keep your feedback in excellent standing and your Detailed Seller Ratings high and help you keep selling successfully here on eBay

 Follow my advice and you should keep your customers happy

Please note bad luck can not be avoided


 Set up your notifications for when a customer buys your item.

As a business seller you are able to set up and edit your communication preferences

 Simply go to  Account tab  from my ebay page  left hand side of screen Manage communication with buyers

 There are five sections the first 4 most important

 Buyer wins auction, buyer checks out  if buyer has not paid order info updated with postage and packaging

 When you place your mouse cursor over a section it will give you the option to edit  add message

This is your chance to keep your customer up to date and also  confident if they have any problems they will be easily resolved.

 TERMS Keep them simple and friendly. Refund full payment and return postage costs if item faulty.

 PICTURE Always take a actual photo of the item for sale, simple.

 DESCRIPTION  Make sure to check item carefully and describe all faults and flaws.

I often describe items slightly worse than they to make sure customer will be happy.

 Now that is really the minimum you should be doing.

 Little extra steps that are the key to keeping customers satisfied and reassured they are dealing with a seller who cares and will help with any questions or problems.

 QUESTIONS   I as a seller expect a reply to my questions within 6 hours. You may think this is unreasonable. But customers want replies quickly these days, I personally often reply within 1 hour, often much less.  Nearly all mobile phones have easy access to your email and you can easily forward all messages you receive on ebay to your email, therefore you are able to check messages any time you have your mobile phone with you.

 PACKAGING   Very important. I can not stress this enough make sure to pack items so the item will arrive in exactly the same condition sent.  You can easily buy cardboard boxes here on ebay and the small extra cost will save you many problems with items arriving damaged.

 Finally   A simple message to thank customer.  I have recently started using a very well known business card printing company to make some business cards that I use as thank you cards it has my contact information on and a thank you for purchase.

 I highly recommend using these, again, to reassure your customer.

 To sum up

Always keep customers informed from start to finish.

Make sure to reply to all messages quickly.

 Pack items so they will not suffer damage.

Include a thank you message with their order.

Good luck and best wishes from Pixel perfection.

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