How to lay floor tiles

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Save money on labour with this handy step-by-step guide to laying floor tiles that includes useful preparation tips and a full list of tools you'll need to do the job properly. Tools needed: Framing square Long ruler Notched Trowel Thin set Tile spacers Tile cutter Grout Grout float Sponge Dowel Step-by-step: 1 Floor tiles need to be laid in symmetry from the centre of the room, or the imbalance will distract the eye. This may mean tiles need to be cut at every edge of the floor. It might be too tricky a task for a DIYer if the walls do not run square so measure up before designing the layout. Start by marking the centre lines on the backer board and work out from there. Measure your tiles and then draw a grid of starting lines use a framing square for accuracy. 2 Apply a section of thin-set using a square-notched trowel up to the reference lines. You need to create a texture of constant ridges. 3 Position the first tile in the corner, up to the 90 reference line. Press down and twist slightly when laying to ensure the tile takes to the thin-set properly. 4 Continue laying tiles along both reference lines. Once these are in place, continue to fill the entire area youre working. Use tile spaces to ensure even spacing between tiles. 5 When you near a wall or obstruction, you will need to measure, mark and cut the tiles with a tile cutter as necessary. 6 Leave the thin-set to dry overnight and then grout the tiles. Using a grout float, spread the grout over the tiles, pushing it firmly into the joins.Scrape off excess. 7 If desired you can then tool the grout lines with a dowel to ensure a uniform appearance.

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