How to learn to trust an ebay seller

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Online shopping makes for a different experience to mall shopping.

You cannot see the shop seller face to face. Giving your hard earned money over to someone you cannot see is quite a daunting task. So how do you know you will get a good deal?
**A Seller should always treat a Customer, how they would like to be treated themselves.**
An Online Seller cannot give you a smile as they serve you, but they can give you good and open means of Communication. They should answer every query you send. If they were buying, would they not want their questions answered?
**A Seller should be open and honest about their stock**
This is particularly so if they are selling second hand goods. If the Seller has not described the condition in full, then how can you possibly know what you are getting? If they describe it incorrectly, then maybe they are not being honest with their customers. That isn't to say that there will not be genuine instances whereby a flaw has been missed on the item, and not put on the description. Sellers are only human. This is where we go back a step to 'Good Communication'. 
**A Seller should be willing to accept the responsibility of Returns and Refunds**
This is not an ideal situation for any Seller, they are after all, out to make a profit for a living. However, without a Customer, a Seller would not have a business. Sometimes a seller has to accept defeat, if the sale has gone wrong. Clearly refunds cannot be given without question, but certainly if the wares are damaged, then this is not the fault of the Buyer. A seller needs to take the responsibility of Customer Satisfaction
**A Seller should take responsibility for items that get lost in the post**
This can leave a Seller open to some abuse, but in my many years experience as a Seller, I've had to give very few refunds for this reason. I believe my customers are honest with me.
This leads me to my final statement which I personally believe to be true:
**An honest Seller attracts an honest Buyer.**
In my own e-bay shop, we are very Customer oriented. Some Sellers may disagree with our policies, as they do always favour the Customer. That is not to say that we have not had our share of difficulties, they are just best overcome with a positive and helpful approach from a Seller who wants Customers to return and buy again.
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