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There are far too many buyers using the feedback forum for the wrong job.  Instead of using it to tell potential buyers what the overall buying experience was like, they use it for informing the seller that they have had a problem.  This is quite irritating as a seller, especially as there is nothing a seller can do to control what a buyer writes about you.  So hopefully this guide will be used to help new (and some old) ebayers how to leave useful feedback, that buyers can use to help them decide if they want to use that seller.

The important thing to remember is to not use the feedback forum for something you could solve by email.  Emailing your seller should always be your first port of call, at least give them a chance to sort out the issue.  A lot of the negative feedback that I see listed against sellers is unnecessary and could easily have been sorted by just contacting.

For example - one of the buyers I have just purchased a fabulous item from and with fantastic service, has got a lower than average % feedback - when I took the time to read the negatives most if not all were completly unfounded.  These buyers have tainted this sellers history just because they couldn't be bothered to contact the seller, and sometimes just because they could....

Heres just a few tips - that hopefully you'll follow.

  • Your item seems to have taken ages to come - firstly check your postage label.  It will tell you when the item was sent - the post office has a habit of holding onto the stuff you want urgently, (happened to me min 10 times last year).  Remember your seller has no control over this, so why mention it in the feedback you leave.  Secondly think about when you paid for the item, if you paid at 4 o'clock on a Friday then that chances are the first time your seller can get to the post office is Monday and thats if they dont work full time.  They shouldn't be penalized for days when they cant send it. (xmas/easter/bank hols)
  • You dont think the item is packaged too well - Again, think about where this item has been prior to arriving with you.  Not all sorting offices are very careful with your parcels (Im very lucky mine are fab).  Also the brown paper that some sellers favour (and it isnt the cheapest way to do it) doesnt always survive typical English weather.  So chances are if your postie turns up like a drowned rat, then your parcel may be a bit tatty around the edges.
  • Your item doesnt fit - Most items are branded and usually you know which brands fit you and which dont.  Additional to this most sellers pop the measurements on there listing, or will provide should you ask.  Dont just randomly bid in the hope it fits - then complain when its far too big.  Check before you bid.
  • Postage too expensive - You know how much you are paying before you bid.  If you think it is over priced then dont bid.  There is a massive difference between a seller charging £2-£2.50 (which by the way only just covers the cost of selling and sending when paypal and ebay take there cut) and one charging £8 to send a small top.  Then again if you bid on an item that for eg you have been charged £5 to send and its cost the seller £1.90 then grade them down with the new grading system.  Thats what its there for.
  • You think there is a problem with the quality - Then firstly contact the seller, the chances are that they are not aware that the item is faulty.  Give them a chance to rectify.  If you dont get a response then go through the proper channels.  I personally would always accept back an item if I received a complaint, (even when its not listed as returnable)  and so would most sellers given the chance, it is just nice to get that chance.  If you dont consider it bad enough to return, and you think that it is still good enough to wear then why mention it?!?


Im sure their are many other things that I have failed to mention.  And this will really annoy me later.  But at least now there is a starting guide. 

Remember Feedback is for life - not just for minor issues.




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