How to light up a cake!

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Hi everyone to my first guide! If you have ever wondered how people get real working lights on cake, well quite simply, here it is.If you do a search for LED balloon lights, you will see come up, tiny individual lights, that are available in a wide range of colours. As these arent classed as food safe, to use them, you push them inside a large tea straw then press them in to the cake. Remember to turn them on first as you wont be able to once in place ;-) I, so far, have used blue and white ones that I put as car headlights in cakes. I've also used a multicoloured flashing one inside a custom made glitter ball topper, I've used red and white ones inside a glass stand to light up a cake from underneath, and I am going to be using some blue ones on a Frozen themed cake next week. I've also got some multicoloured ones going inside a snow globe on top of a cake for my son for his birthday too, which is all Disney themed so will make this one really shine and stand out! They really do transform a cake, and are so easy to use, and last for hours too, so there is no worry about turning them on early! Hope you have fun transforming your cakes as much as I do ;-) x
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