How to limit your searching.

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Tired of searching for a specific item that is always almost impossible to find? 

Stress no more. 

A simple guide for you on how to limit your search on ebay has been presented so that you cn finally find what you've been looking for!!!

step 1) go to
step 2) type the item name that you want into the search bar
step 3) When the results show the gallery of different listings, look at the panel on the left hand side, you should see diffeent ways of limkiting your search to make it more precise.
step 4) examples step 3 are "buy it now" OR "auction", simply tick the box that apply to you the most! 
step 5 ) make sure you have gone through all the options on the left hand side before you quit.

An example of this could be, say I wanted a nice cheap earphone but i wanted to buy it on the spot and must have free post and packaging. Then i would click on the options "buy it now" and "free p&p"
then the result would come up with this item which is for my liking! >  Earphones, In ear headphones

Please have a go at finding specific things you want! who knows you could get the item you want in less than 5 minutes! 

Thank you for reading :)

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