How to limit your spending over Christmas

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Managing your spending

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Around Christmas time, it is so easy to over spend and overindulge on so much more than you usually would. From food, to buying gifts. To stop yourself doing this I usually would write a list about September time, for who I need to buy for, then set limits on how much I would spend on each person. My and my husband agree that we would spend £50 on each other and turn it into a game of how many things we can get for it. for example, my hubby has 4 gifts so far and I still have £5.50 left to spend) Each of my children will have £100, each parent will get £20 each and the same with our siblings, and any other kids will get £10 each.To achieve this we did a lot of looking around online and in store, we researched for the best prices, and we waited until stores had sales on to get the rest of the gifts. In total we have saved about £100!Have a look here for some great priced gifts our food shop, we wrote a list of what meals will be and what we will require. We shop at some of the cheaper supermarkets and street markets to get the best prices. As and when things are brought we cross of the list, this helps us buying unnesecary items.Planning is the key! If it weren't for starting earlier we wouldn't be finished and the kids wouldn't have half as much as they do. Next year I plan on starting even earlier. 
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