How to maintain ANY bright coloured garments.

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Our Ralph Lauren - Wimbledon range.
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Our Ralph Lauren - Wimbledon range.

So, how do I keep my bright colours looking their best?

We all love wearing bright colours that stand out in the summer but overtime time to time they can fade simply by washing them. We get asked all the time by customers that have received their items - "How do you make the garments in your vintage collection so pristine?". Our answer - a combination of steps that every one of our products goes through. See the steps below: 

Step 1: Isolate your white's

Separate your white clothes and fabrics from your dark clothes before doing the laundry. Washing white and dark clothes, towels, sheets, etc., together can result in color transfer. Even if the color doesn't change, white items can appear dingier after coming into contact with darker colors. White clothes or fabrics also tend to pick up dark fluff and look unclean.

Step 2: Isolate fabric types

Fabric types need to be taken into consideration when creating separate washing piles. Even whites need to be further separated as follows:
- Acetates and acrylics wash together
- Linen and cotton wash together
- Wool washes alone
- Delicates should be washed by hand.

Step 3: ALWAYS pre-treat areas that show signs of discolour

Pre-treating stains on clothes or other fabric items before you wash them will ensure that the stain is removed and isn't "set" by the washing process. There are several pre-treating agents on the market, including enzyme detergents and oxygen bleach. But if you want to remove stains using a common household item, reach for dish washing liquid or clear shampoo and apply it directly to the stain.You can even use a bit of your normal liquid laundry detergent. Scrub the stain away using a new toothbrush.
Always read the garment label before adding any stain remover.

Step 4:  Rinse white's post wash

This removes all traces of dirt or grimy water that can dull the look of whites. Select an appropriate load size. The clothes or other items should be able to move freely around in the water.
Clean your washing machine regularly to ensure that your white clothes are actually being cleaned and that any remaining dirt in the washing machine isn't being transferred onto them.

Step 5: Read the washing care label. The manufacturer is right.

If it says wash at 30, do so. If it says do not tumble dry, then do not and so on. The labels are very important and following these instructions are the best way to bring an item up to its best condition.

Although our items all start off in great condition anyway, we carry these steps out to ensure we can give you the best we can offer (unless stated otherwise).

We love to provide excellent items and are making this more and more of a focus moving forwards. We are expanding our supplier network internationally also to give you an even more diverse product selection. 

Thanks for reading and we hope this helps! Any questions, please ask us anytime!


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