How to maintain a good feedback rating as a buyer!

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Just lately I have realised that I have an excellent feedback history compared to some Ebayers, so I thought I'd share some of my secrets with you all! Actually it's not really that mysterious, a lot of it is just good manners and common sense.

Ebay have recently changed the system so that sellers cannot leave negative feedback for buyers. However, sellers still have the option not to leave you any feedback so this will probably become their way of expressing their disappointment with you the buyer! It may not bother you wether or not you get feedback or not but I suspect that a number of you take great pride in watching your feedback score grow!

Here are the basic rules:

1) It may sound obvious, but make sure you read descriptions thoroughly and ask any questions before you place a bid or make a purchase. This avoids disappointment and keeps the transaction smooth and trouble free.

2) Make sure the seller is offering a payment method that suits you. If they aren't then either double check by contacting the seller or simply don't bid.

3) Make your payment as soon as possible. If you are sending a cheque or postal order then checkout accordingly and let the seller know that this is what you are doing! I cannot stress that last point enough. I've had buyers who have purchased (or won at auction) an item and then not checked out or responded even when an invoice is sent. After a few emails attempting to prompt payment, a cheque appears through the letter box 1-2 weeks later by which time I've relisted the item and labelled the buyer a time waster! Personally I don't mind if it takes two weeks for payment to reach me as long as I know it is on it's way!

4) If you are buying from an overseas country for which postage is not specified and the seller has stated that they post internationally then wait for them to invoice you with the correct postage. Do not assume the costs yourself and checkout regardless!

5) If a seller states that they do not post internationally then accept this! Do not purchase an item and then assume that the seller will happily post it to you! From a seller's point of view I consider this very rude!

6) Lastly, the subject of returns! Be reasonable. If the item you recieve is as described and looks like the one in the picture and isn't faulty in anyway then try to avoid returning the item especially if it was inexpensive. If the item does not live up to expectations because of a poor description and/ or photograph then this is when you should definately return an item. As a buyer I have often made the mistake in the past of simply accepting faulty or wrongly described goods. I've come to realise that this is simply letting dishonest sellers get away with selling shoddy goods and that In these instances the items should be returned!

I know I may sound like a seller who is just trying to make ebay work in her favour but either you want a "huge-mongous" feedback score or you don't! At the end of the day most ebayers, (buyers and  sellers) want the same thing; a friendly, safe, smoothly operated trading place!

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