How to make Beaded Rings?

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You can use our ring blanks to create different kinds of beaded rings. Following is just one design idea from our handcrafted department. The design is easy and very interesting. :)

The first step is gathering all your needed materials at hand,

 Such as a piece of ring blank (we have silver tone, silver plated, gold plated and bronze color ring blanks for your option)  cat's eye glass beads , swarovski imitation crystal beads elastic cord , etc.

Secondly, use these materials to start creating your own beautiful rings.
  1. cut certain lengths of elastic cord
  2. Get the cord through the hole of the ring base. Thread the first beads onto the cord and then pass the cord through the ring hole. Repeat this action until add as many beads as you like. Just arrange well the position of the beads
Now, a pink cluster ring is finished. I have tried it, very pretty to wear. :)

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